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Masterpieces of Italian Cuisine

Relish the little pleasures of life with classic Italian elegance, flavorsome ingredients, and subtle heart-felt service.


  • Taste all the flavor of Italian food and do not miss our extensive wine selection in Bella
  • Taste all the flavor of Italian food and do not miss our extensive wine selection in Bella
  • Savor seasonal specialties, à la carte dining and a wonderful selection of wines from our cellar at the Bella restaurant

Feel pure relaxation wash over you, enhanced by fragile raindrops and delicate lighting, and know that a sublime dining experience is about to begin.

Sip gently on a signature cocktail as you cast your eyes over a selection of à la carte delights brimming with the freshest, most authentic ingredients of Italy.

Attire: Dress, skirt, or long pants for ladies and long pants, shirt, or polos for gentlemen. No flip flops or tennis shoes. No shorts allowed


Hours: 6 pm – 11 pm

Chef Juan René Cerezo

Born in Chietla, Puebla, he moved to Puebla to pursue his passion and subsequently graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Gastronomy. He moved to Playa del Carmen, where his professional career started out in different high-end hotels, until the road finally brought him to Cancun. It is here where his passion for Italian cuisine emerged, alongside his mentor, Chef Erick Villar. Since 2016, he has been part of the Le Blanc Spa Resort Cancun family and currently heads the team at Bella, surprising guests with Italian delights.

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    Excellent, World-class resort!

    It's hard to capture the full list of exceptional staff members that make this place go.

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    Julie R


    Another Glorious Week at Le Blanc

    A Great Week of Sun / Beach / Friends, and Exceptional Service, as Usual. We Absolutely Love Le Blanc, and the Remodel was Beautiful, as it added a bit more Homey feel, and a Relaxed Atmosphere.