Palace Resorts is a tourism company, aware of the present and future environmental impacts generated by the operation of its facilities. For such reason the following actions are carried out:



The Environmental Policy of Palace Resorts is based on compliance with applicable environmental laws, having as a fundamental purpose the balance between the development of the business center and the ecological capital.

As a company, it is committed to creating jobs in those areas where it is established and giving preference to the acquisition of local goods.

Actions are taken to reduce energy consumption through permanent programs for the efficient use of water, energy saving and waste recycling.

Actions are taken to protect flora and fauna.

The community is supported through the Palace Resorts Foundation I.A.P. The environmental policy is disseminated to all employees, suppliers, community, and guests.

For more information visit: www.fundacionpalace.org

  • skyy-landing


    Atlanta, Georgia

    Exponential Service

    Confession: We stayed twice within one month’s time — at the end of April 2021 for one week and at the end of May 2021 for one more week. The experience was exceptional. We stayed in several properties across Cancun over the years. Le Blanc Cancun remains our most favorite for adult couples.

  • Leanna P

    Leanna P

    Anniversary trip

    What an amazing experience at the resort. The dinner at lumiere was over the top. Jonathan picked wonderful wines and the head chef created an extraordinary dinner. Couldn’t have happened without special attention by the manager Daniel. Thank you to the entire staff we are forever grateful.

  • drtabitha


    Orlo Vista, Florida

    **The best place to celebrate a special event!**

    I can’t begin to express how amazing our 10-day stay was. We went to Le Blanc to celebrate my 40th birthday along with 5 other couples, and it was nothing short of incredible.