Plan your trip with absolute confidence by consulting our most frequently asked questions.
Reservations and cancelations
How can I get a room upgrade?
How can I request a reservation quote?
How can I request specific bed types or an extra rollaway bed?
How can I request a room with a specific location?
Do I need to pay an extra "all-inclusive" tax?
How can I make special requests for anniversaries, birthdays, and special dates?
How and where can I request my reservation number for the app?
I have a certificate and would like to use it for my next vacation. What do I need to do?
If I book with a third party, is my transportation included?
How can I make dinner reservations before arrival?
What is my reservation number?
What identification do I need to provide when checking in?
How can I make a spa reservation?
What is your cancellation policy?
What is your cancellation policy due to a no-show?
Can I purchase a Day Pass?
Do any of your restaurants require a reservation?
How can I make restaurant reservations?
How can I reserve tours before arrival?
Who should I contact if I want to play a round of golf?
How can I reserve outdoor activities, golf, spa?
Do I have access to the sister resorts of Palace Resorts?
Can I request an additional bed?
What payment methods do you offer?
Are gratuities mandatory?
Services and amenities
Do the resorts have a parking lot?
Do you offer valet parking?
What does an all-inclusive plan really include?
What are breakfast, lunch, and dinner hours at the resorts?
Do the restaurants have food quality certifications?
Are all the meals included in the reservation price?
Is room service included with my all-inclusive package?
Do restaurants have different vegetarian options?
Do restaurants have different Halal options?
Are the restaurants air-conditioned?
Can you order a single glass of wine, or do you have to order the full bottle?
Do you serve food and drinks on the beach?
Is it possible to eat near the pools?
Is there a dress code for any of your restaurants?
Do you need to get to the beach early to have a sun lounger?
Is it possible to reserve sun loungers?
Can you bring inflatable toys to the pools?
What are the pool hours at the resorts?
Do the resorts have heated pools?
Are there chairs or leisure spaces around the resorts?
How good is the WiFi connection through the resort?
Is WiFi also included in the rooms?
Do the rooms have a microwave?
Does the hairdryer in the room come with accessories?
How many hairdryers and irons are there per room?
Can I request additional hair irons and hairdryers?
Can you connect an Amazon TV Stick to the room TV?
How can I request specific amenities for my room?
Are there multi-sport game courts at the resort?
Are any tours included with my reservation?
How can I find out the times and dates of the activities at the resort?
Does the hotel have a shuttle service?
What is the cost of the transportation service?
Do transportation vehicles to and from the airport have seat belts?
Do you have free shuttle services to sister resorts?
How can I request transportation to and from the airport?
How can I reserve tours before arrival?
How can I reserve outdoor activities, golf, spa?
Are gratuities mandatory?
Can sargassum on the beaches affect my vacation?
Can I drink the water in Mexico?
Do you have transportation services from the resort to public beaches?
Is there an entrance or exit tax to the city or tourist attractions?
What is the weather like in Cancun?
What is the weather like in Los Cabos?
Do you have a currency exchange service at the resorts?
What documents do I need to travel to Mexico?
What are the beaches like in Cancun?
What are the beaches like in Los Cabos?
How can I get to the resort?
Is it better to pay in dollars or pesos?
What is the best time to visit Mexico?
Do I need an electric adapter?
What type of food can I find in Mexico?
What is the time zone in Mexico?
Can I get a tax refund in Mexico?
What's the best way to get around Mexico?
Do I need to know Spanish to enjoy my stay in Mexico?
Do you tip in Mexico?
Can I drink alcohol on the street in Mexico?
How safe is Mexico?
What options are there for people with motor disabilities?
What options are there for guests who are deaf or blind?
Can you accommodate my food allergies?
Do you have gluten-free options?
Do you offer a medical service at the resorts?
In which areas of the resorts is smoking allowed?
What vaccinations do I need to visit Mexico?
Do I need medical insurance to visit Mexico?
What should I avoid eating in Mexico?
What are Mexican hospitals like?
How can I get medical care during my vacations in Mexico?
How can I prevent bug bites?
What recommendations are there for guests bringing medications into Mexico?
Other FAQs
Can I enjoy activities in resorts other than the one I am staying at?
Do you have courtesy rooms for guests visiting the resort for a day?
Are pets allowed?
What are Blanc Benefits?
Why does Le Blanc Spa Resorts charge a 16% service fee on Blanc Benefits used?